OUR POLICY ON RETURNS Because our jewelry has been crafted to the highest possible standards, made of the most pristine amalgams of silver and copper, in the finest workshops and with the best equipment available and is then brought to perfection by experienced artisans using the highest caliber materials on the market, we do not accept returns or exchanges. If, however, the item you receive was damaged during shipping you have thirty days from date of purchase to return it, as long as there are no indications it has been worn or that it was damaged in some way by acts we are not liable for. Do not forget to include a photocopy of your purchase receipt as well as a photocopy of the certificate we sent you along with the item so that we then replace it with a new one. But before you do any of these things, visit our web-site and send us an e-mail explaining the nature of your problem. We are always eager to be of service. And never forget that the items we send are fully insured or registered.